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Learning DMX512 Digital led strip, How to wire when editting address and controlling?

Time:2019-03-12 Views:2348

DMX512 protocol was first developed by USITT (American Theatre Technology Association) to control dimmer from console with

standard digital interface. 
DMX512 surpasses the analog system, but it can not completely replace the analog system.

The simplicity, reliability and flexibility of DMX512 make it is first choice of protocol 
when funds permit. DMX512 is still a new field

of science, which is based on rules.DMX512 console control analog led strip light drawing. 

At present, A type of led strip called DMX512 digital led strip is designed based on DMX512 protocol.Its appearance is similar to

the addressable led strip controlled by SPI signal.
But the designer implants the DMX512 decoding module in the control chip,

And the console can directly control the led strip lights. The drawing as below:

Greeled‘ DMX512 digital led stripsare divided into  single-line and double-line types. Single-line DMX512 addressable led strips

are controlled by "A"signal of console.This led strip
have no DMX512 decoding module in chips. we must add external mini

DMX512 to RS485 decoder at Inputting of led strip.

Double line DMX512 addressable led strip are controlled by AB differential signal. Then Stardard DMX console can control it


Before lighting on led strip, We must write address code in single-line/Double-line DMX512 digital led strip‘s chip by DMX address

editor.  Double-line DMX512 digital led strip wiring as below:

Single-line DMX512 digital led strip wiring as below: