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Shopping Guide

We have been engaged in the LED industry for many years, and we have studied the product trends for several years.

Based on our experience, we recommend the following:

SMD2835 led strip lights has absolute advantage.The price is low, but the light efficiency is high. And CRI80 + CRI90 +

even CRI97 + can be obtained
. At present, SMD2835 led strip is the first choice. If you request high efficiency led strip,

we still recommend SMD2835 led strips, The light efficiency can reach 140 LUM/W, 150 LUM/W or even higher.In addition,

we can adjust the power according to the customer‘s requirements. If each group adopt 30mA current ,Individual led brightness

still has 12 lumen. In this case, its life will be very long. if each group led adopt 60mA current, each led will reach 22-24lumen.

in this case, led strip temperature will be about 60 degree. you need stick led strips on the heat sink. it also can be used many

we can adjust current range from 20mA to 60mA, it is very flexible to meet different request.

Our newest addressable led strip, The capacitor and Micro chip embedded in one SMD5050 led,  its brightness will be 1.2times

of that of similar products. led adopt real 9mil epistar chip and copper bracket. its procotol is compatible with SK6812 or

WS2812B protocol,you can find code in aduido library or FastSPI library.
For digital programmable led light

if you used for High quality light projects,
we still advice you use led strip with external IC. The quality will be reliable.