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Greeled products meet the highest quality standards of today‘s LED lighting market. Quality management is strictly implemented and we take great pride in integrating quality control into our production and manufacturing processes.

What this Warranty Policy Covers

Greeled warrants that each LED products that you purchase is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period.The warranty period for the product starts on the original date of purchase specified on your sales receipt or sales invoice unless Greeled informs you otherwise in writing.

Warranty Period

All Greeled products are covered by a 2-3 years warranty and quality guarantee unless otherwise stated in writing with the corresponding product information.Also, we can offer 4-5 years or even longer warranty products. Defective parts or defective products returned with the sales receipt or sales invoice to Greeled, and proven to be defective upon inspection, will be repaired, or exchanged for new Products.

Limited Warranty

1)     The warranty period starts on the date of invoice. It will only be applicable when the Products are in their normal use condition. For example, operating conditions are in conformity with the information provided on the Products and its packaging, and working temperature of the products in within the operating temperature range.

2)    Field labor costs and service charges related to the repair or replacement of the products are not included under this warranty