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How to make addressable programmable led?

Position micro control chip,Insulating glue and R/G/B Dice at Auto die bonder machine, Next step: Toast them for 2hours in Oven. It can go in to wire bonder process after glue solidification. We adopt 99percent Pure gold wire, It has good conductivity and heat dissipation.After finishing wire bonder, Thenwe must toast it 2 for hours again for dehumid. Next step, we will cover surface glue of led and Toast three hours. Above process are finished, Then we can Test them and go into last process Divide different color into different Bin and Position led in ...

How to order from Greeled?

1- Please send mail to sales@gree-leds.com to mention what you request,we will reply mail within 24hours. You confirm the product details ,QTY and Unit price. we will make a Proforma Invoice for all the products you willing to buy from us. 2- You confirm Proforma invoice and finish payment(T/T western union), we can accept paypal payment for sample order. 3- We arrange order and confirm ship date. 4- Confirm shipping invoice value after finishing goods. 5- Ship goods by DHL/Fedex

What‘s different between WS2815 led and GS8208 led?

12V WS2815LED originates from 5V WS2813LED. They all adopt the built-in design of resistance and capacitor,Individually addressable, breakpoint continuous transmission.GS8208 LED adopts similar design of WS2815.and has the function of breakpoint continuous transmission, 12V Individually addressable. But there is no resistance and capacitor inside GS8208 LED. When we design circuits,we need to design capacitors and resistors externally. WS2815 and GS8208 have their own advantages.Using WS2815 LED, Save cost and good looks,GS8208 should be reliable.

How to dehumidify LED?

1.Quick dehumidification: Peel off led from the belt and bake in a constant temperature oven at 120 degrees for 2 hours. 2.Conventional dehumidification: Remove the static bag and bake in a constant temperature oven at 65 - 70 degrees for 24 hours.

How to set chip-built-in led SMT reflow profile

For lead-free solder,We advice adopt the Medium temperature solder paste,to ensure the soldering temperature <230 °C;

What‘s our delivery time?

3-5 working day for small QTY orders and sample orders,10-15working day for bulk orders. Customized items may take a little longer time.

Is it possible to handle urgent orders?

In case of stock of raw material, we are glad to help you.

Is it possible to keep same color each order?

If specified, we will keep samples as reference for each production.

Whether products have ageing tests?

Yes, all products are ageing 24 hours before shipment.

what is led

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a kind of semiconductor solid light-emitting component. It uses solid semiconductor chips as light-emitting materials. When the forward voltage is applied at both ends, the carriers recombine in the semiconductor and cause photon emission to produce light. LED can directly emit red, yellow, blue, green, green, orange, purple, white light.