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How to use digital led strip to make digital addressable led screen?

Time:2019-03-12 Views:2791
Firstly, we must calculate led pixel distance. The led Pixel distance is more smaller, The effect is more better.
We advice use more than 60pixel/m digital led strip. if you don‘t consider the cost, you also can choose 144pixel/m digital led strip.
So far, 5V or 12V Individually addressable led strip all available. if you make large size addressable led screen then we advice to
use 12V version.
Then it can prevent to voltage-drop. Below we take a example for making 100Pixels Plus 40Pixel led screen.

Material Bills: 

Digital led strip: we choose our 2019 newest capacitor&chip Built in led strip. it is DC5V,60pixel/m. Then led pixel distance
is 16.6mm.

Digital led controller system: We choose Newest k-8000C (it is T-8000 Upgrade version), it also have remote control function ,
8 groups SPI signal output.

The controller software version: LEDEDIT2017 version , If you have no software, Please contact E-mail: info@gree-leds.com

if the distance between controller and led screen is more than 2meter, Then you also need other device TTL/SPT signal receiver

System structure:

Step 1:   Auto-CAD Layout

Step 2:  Import layout into Lededit2017 (Ps: Our Picture show lededit2012, but it is similar work, Please ignore it)

Step 3:  Edit effect: you can use exsit effect in software or recording flash effect. (Refer to lededit software manual to operate)
Step 4:  Effects‘s simulation. if ok, then you can export .led file.  Then software working is finished.

Step5:  Digital address led screen installing and wiring. Note the distance among led strips, because led pixel distance is 16.6mm.

Our digital led strip 
PCB width is 10mm. Then we can calculate strip edge to strip edge distance should be 6.6mm.

Then it can ensure all upper&lower pixels distance is 16mm. 
wiring controller and Power. Then insert SD card with .led file

into controller and open power. Then digital led strip sceen should broadcast your effect which you edit in software.

About is The Simplest digital led strip screen. we also can support real-time broadcast led screen solution, Please contact us.