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Digital Addressable Led Strip Wiring

Time:2019-03-10 Views:2527

Firstly Digital addressable led strip can be divided into single signal type and double signal type. In other words, single-line

and double-line types.
Single-line Digital led strips‘ data are controllable, Double -line Digital led strips‘Clock and data are

controllable. In addition, The latest WS2813/WS2815/GS8208 .
Breakpoint signal continuous transmission addressable also

belongs to the single-line type. Its wiring as below:

1.Single-line addressable led strip (Egg: WS2811,WS2812B,SK6812,SM16703,UCS1903,UCS2903 etc)

Remark: DC5/12/24V all addressable led strip can connect as below:

(GND and data wire to controller and Feed power toled strip with individual 5V/12V/24V power)

2. Double-line addressable led strip (Egg:LPD8806,WS2801,GE8822,APA102,SK9822 etc)

Remark: led strips‘ GND,Data,CLK wiring to controller, Feed power to led strip with individual power

3.Break_Point  signal  continuous transmission led strip as below (Egg: GS8208,GE8808,WS2813,WS2815,WS2818etc)

Remark: BI signal can be empty or wiring to controller‘ GND. this wiring also is suitable to WS2813 led strip.

Only Feed DC 5V Power to WS2813 led strip

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