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Constant current led strip VS Constant voltage led strip

Time:2019-03-06 Views:1749

Constant Voltage led strip:

The working voltage of constant voltage LED strip is fixed, DC5V DC12V or DC24V.
According to led‘ forward voltage  and Ohm‘s law, 
the appropriate resistance is configured to achieve
the appropriate current. constant voltage flex led tape length is Max 5-6M length.
if we feed power both ends, it also can get consistency of brightness.

Advantages: Design easily and low cost. 

Disadvantage: Large Voltage drop and PCB temperature higher under long distance connection. 

Constant current led strip:

The working current of constant current led strip is fixed, and the current keeps constant in a certain voltage range. 
Constant current led strips can be connected to 10m, 15m, 20m without voltage drop and excellent consistency. 
According to the voltage-ampere characteristics of the LED, the temperature rise of the LED P/N junction
is moderated because the current is constant. 
It is beneficial to prolong the life of LED.

Advantages: Good consistency of brightness, long distance connection, good current dimming effect

Disadvantage: High cost. Can‘t be used in extreme environments.