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Digital Led Strip Light Knowledge

Time:2019-01-21 Views:1819
Led Digtal strip is also called Led addressable strip, Programmable led strip,led dream color strip, LED colorful strip,led video strip
and so on. 
The product uses constant current IC for single-point control. It uses 5050 Package with various color.which are
mountedon FPCB (flexible circuit board). 
The folding and bending resistance and waterproof grade can reach IP68, each roll is 5
meters long. The strip is fixed with 3M adhesive tape or clip screw. 
It is safe and convenient to use low-voltage DC power supply,
various of  gorgeous colour.

Product specification:
LED digital strips, usually WS2801, WS2811, WS2813, WS2815,UCS1903, LPD8806, SM16703, UCS512, DMX512, SK6812,SK9822 and other IC control methods to achieve change.

Product Pixel:
LED Digital strips are divided into 8pixel/m,10pix/M, 12pix/M, 16pix/M, 26pix/M, 30pix/M, 32pix/M, 48pix/M, 60pix/M,72pixl/m,
96pixl/m,144pixl/m and so on, 
in which the number of pixels is more than 24pix, which is commonly used as display mode;
less than 24pix is commonly used as KTV, home decoration runway, dark trough inside.

Working voltage:
The working voltage of products is usually DC5V,DC12V and DC24V.

LED encapsulation
Generally, the LED Encapsulation is SMD5050, SMD3535 and SMD2020 package.

Other parameters:
The number of LED mainly depends on the product designer or user‘s requirements, usually even times.There are two important parameters of digital led strip: signal transmission speed and product gray level.Above two parameters directly affect the display effect of the product.

Life Span:
In theory, it is 100000H, The different temperature and humidity lead to the product life in practical application is less than 100000H; The excellent quality digital led strip, the light attenuation is a little per 1000 hours .Inferior digital led strip, The light attenuation will reach 30-40 percent after first 1000hours, the gap is very large. Mainly depends on the quality control of products by manufacturers.

Waterproof :
1. Non-waterproof IP21: 3M adhensive tape on the back
2, waterproof IP65: dripping glue waterproof, with 3M adhensive tape on the back.
3, waterproof IP67: Silicone sleeve tube waterproof, 2-3pcs Solicon clips per meter
4, waterproof IP68: Silicone sleeve tube and  Inject silcion glue waterproof, 2-3 silicon clips per meter

Control systems:
The controller is a SPI control mode, which needs to be determined according to the maximum number of loaded points of the controller and the PIX of the corresponding digtal led strips.