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IC Protocol

UCS8904B IC Protocol and datasheet

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     The UCS8904B IC adopt single data signal communication method, The data encoding adopt unipolar RZ code.
The Din of IC receive data from signal source,locking 32bit data and send them to data latch, PWM scanning unit
deal 32bit data and send relative duty ratio signal to relative OUTR,OUTG,OUTB,OUTW.

    At the same time, Reshaping and amplify extra data,Forwarding them to subsequent IC via Dout. Based on this rule. 
The data reduce 32bit pass through every IC. All IC chips receive relative duty ratio signal. Auto-reshaping forwarding
data technology to ensure that the number of cascaded IC is not limited. The more cascaded IC request
the higher data transmission rate.

UCS8904B Feature:
■  SOP8 package,Four channel constant current output,default current 17mA/CH
■  Single data signal SPI Protocol,The upgraded version of UCS2904B
■ The data encoding adopt unipolar RZ code
■ The PWM scanning frequency 4KHz
■ It can support standard high speed data rate 800kbps
■ 16bit/color,65536 Grayscale
■ The R/G/B/W output ports withstand value max 30V
■ Self-inspection mode when power on,Blue light on.
■ Suitable for 5V,12V,24V circuits

UCS8904B Data Format

Data bit 16bit 16bit 16bit 16bit

The Data are sent in the order RGBW (R 16bit--G 16bit- -B 16bit--W 16bit, High bit in priority. 
Details please check UCS8904B datasheet.

UCS8904B pluse width timing . The recommand value for controller

Name Description Typical Value Unit
T0H 0 code,high level time 0.4 μs
T1H 1 code,high level time 0.85 μs
T0L 0 code,low level time ≥0.85 μs
T1L 1 code,low level time ≥0.4 μs
Treset Reset code,low level time 48 μs

How to fix correct pluse width timing.

TH+TL=T,  T is the time that sending one bit data. 

Egg: UCS8904B Fpwm=4Khz, The data truncation 4000 times per second, 250μs one time. 

(TH+TL)*32*M ≈250μs  M  must be integer. if TH+TL=1.56μs  Then  M=5, if TH+TL=1.30μs, Then N=4

The data transmission method.

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