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UCS1903N,UCS1903B Protocol and difference

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The UCS1903B and UCS1903N similarities:
1. SOP8 Package,Single data signal SPI protocol.
2. PWM scanning frequency Fpwm=1.5Khz
3. Support high speed mode 800kbps data rating.
4. 3 Channel constant current output, default current 17mA/CH
5. Self inspection when power on. blue color light on.
6. Data Format and Pluse width timing, The data endoing adopt unipolar RZ code.
7. The data transmision method.
8. 8bit/color,256 Grayscale.

The UCS1903B and UCS1903N Difference
1.The output ports withstand max voltage value.UCS1903B: Max 24V; UCS1903N:Max 30V
2. The IC working voltgae.  UCS1903B Vdd range from 2.5V to 6.5V;UCS1903N Vdd range from 3V to 6V.

The conclusion: UCS1903B is suitable for 5V,12V Circuit, UCS1903N is suitable for 5V,12V,24V circuit.

UCS1903B and UCS1903N  Data Format:

Pin R7 R6---R0 G7 G6---G0 B7 B6---B0
Data bit 8bit 8bit 8bit

The data is sent in the order RGB, high bit in priority.

UCS1903B and UCS1903N pluse width timing:

Name Description Typical value unit
T0H 0 code,high level time 0.4 μs
T1H 1 code,high level time 0.85 μs
T0L 0 code,low level time 0.92 μs
T1L 1 code,low level time 0.47 μs
T T=TL+TH 1.32 μs
Treset reset code,low level time >24 μs

UCS1903B and UCS1903N data transmission method:

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