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APA-GE IC Built-in led

GE8808B Chip built in led

1.12v operating supply voltage with 7805 module inside
2·Default 17.5mA constant current output, the minimum is 11mA
3·Use e-RZ code, serial data frequency 800kHz
4·8bits data transfer, 12bits build-in GAMMA correction of PWM display
5·Built-in PWM technology, supports 8kHz PWM refresh rate
6·With resumable data transfer function, single chip damage does not infect data transmission
7·Built-in display pattern for the applications without a controller
8·Built-in automatic test mode, power-on and power-off protection
9·ESD: 2kV
10·working environment is from -40 ° C to + 85 ° C

    The GE8808B is a 3-channel constant current LED drive with resumable data transfers and internal display patterns. 
    There are three open-drain constant current outputs, with a build-in PWM of grayscale. The range of input power is
    from +9V to +15V, and voltage-endurance of LED port is +12V. 
    There is a built-in 12bits GAMMA correction module.
    PWM maximum refresh frequency is 8Khz, 
    the GE8808B use the e-RZ (extended return to zero code)as the signal
    transmission mode,
    which can control the output current channel by channel and cascade infinitely,it provides two-signal
    data input as redundant control, which ensures the transmission 
    of the signal if any single chip damages.In the displays
    the built-in display patterns that is suitable for those applications without a controller. 
    There is the built-in power-on and
    power-off protection in the drive,
    which can enhance the service life of the chip. It alsohas the automatic test function while
    power on, working environment is from -40 ° C to + 85 ° C.

    Product Model
    M/N Input Voltage IC type Led type Chip Color Wave length(nm) Luminous/led Angle Watt/led Package
    GE8808B DC12V GE8808
    Epistar   9mil*9mil RGB R:620-623
      R: 2.0-2.5lm 
    120 0.20w 1K/Reel
    Remark: GE8808 IC Protocol is compatible with GS8208/WS2815

    Application circuit

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