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SK Chip intergration led

SK6812 WWA Individually addressable led

SK6812 WWA is a addressable Programmable component that Control circuit and led chips are integrated in a PLCC5050 led.
The data transfer protocol use single NZR communication mode. intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping 
amplification drive circuit are intergrated in control unit which also have a precision internal oscillator and a 12V voltage 
programmable constant current control part.

    1. Input Voltage: DC5V, SMD5050, W+WW+Amber 3in1, SM16703IC Protocol
    2. RGB Dice and Micro control circuit are embedded in a PLCC5050 led.
    3. Built in signal reshaping circuilt, electric reset circuit and power lost rest circuit.
    4. Once fresh rate reach 30fps, Then the cascade number is not less than 1024Pixels
    5. 800Kbps data transmission speed. 

    Product Model
    M/N Input Voltage IC type Led type Color CCT(k) Luminous/led  Angle Watt/led Package
    SK6822-WWA DC5V    SM16703 Built-In SMD5050
    WWA W:6000-7000
    WW:2700-3000 Amber:1800-2000
    W: 3.0-4.0lm
    120 0.2w 1K/Reel

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