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LED Controller

DMX512 address editor

    Product features: 
    1.code address editor:Large display panel, convenient touch screen operation and rich display.
    2.supports operating system upgrade.
    3.adopts built-in battery, support continuous work for 10 hours.
    4.supports mainstream model DMX512 chip, can write code and write parameters to DMX512IC.
    5. perform DMX512IC lamp channel address test and test results.
    6.Its port outputs enhanced TTL and 485 differential (DMX) signals, which can load TTL/DMX512 lamps.
    7.It can support maximum 512/1536 pixels (DMX lamps with a maximum of 512 pixels, for example with three channels).
    8.22 built-in test effects (optional three-channel / four-channel built-in effects).
    9.it can insert SD card to play effects (software effect output selection K-1000), using the same as the K-1000C controller.

    Code editor interface definition:

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