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APA-GE IC Built-in led

27KHZ frequency intelligent led

    1.Top SMD internal integrated high quality external control line serial cascade constant current IC;
    2.5V application; default on electric lights;
    3.Control circuit and the RGB chip in SMD 5050 components, to form a complete control of pixel,
    4.color mixing uniformity and consistency;
    5.The two-wire synchronous control.
    6.The three RGB output control, 8Bit (256) color; 5Bit (32) to adjust the brightness;
    7.The three constant current drive, self detection function specific signal
    8.The maximum frequency of 27KHZ serial data input
    9.The double data transmission, built-in support uninterrupted oscillation PWM output, can maintain a static image.
    10.Zero power when no light and no data input
    Product Model
    M/N Input Voltage IC type Led type Chip Color Wave length(nm) Luminous/led Angle Watt/led Package
    GE8822H DC5V GE8822  High Speed IC Built-in SMD5050
    Epistar   9mil*9mil RGB R:620-623
      R: 2.0-2.5lm  G:5.0-6.0lm
    120 0.25w 1K/Reel
    Remark: 27KHZ Refresh frequency

    Parameter details:

    Data Format:

    Application circuit:
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