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Why the Internal chip digital led strips cost so different?

Time:2019-03-27 Views:1771

Why the Internal chip digital led strips cost so different?

Everyone wants to buy the best product with the least money. But many customers complain about the poor quality of the low-priced goods
they bought, 
and even bring huge losses to themselves. Of course, we often encounter complaints from customers about the high price of
our products. Let‘s see the quotations of others.
Let‘s explain why there are price differences. we take our Internal chip digital led strip
as example.
Internal chip digital led include wire,Bracket,Control chip+led chip (R/G/B),Glue etc components. if manufacturer save cost from
any of them.
It will have a negative impact on product quality. Please check below:

1.Control chip have large chip and smaller chip two kinds, large chips cost is 1.5 times that of smaller chip.

2.Wire have Pure gold wire and alloy wire, The different cost of them is very large. 

3.Bracket also have Red copper bracket and alloy bracket, Then they also have large cost different

4. For Encapsulation glue and led chip have more kinds, each is with different cost.

In all, The final products will have different price. everyone should can understand it.

Maybe some people want to said the cheap led strip also can work well, but it have potential problem. we admit some cheap led strip work well at the
After 500-1000hours, led light decay is quick even dead led, It can‘t be controlled by controller. 
Greeled never use inferior material and low price win orders.  Finally,we respect quality, But you should respect price.
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