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12V 96pixel SK6813 Individually addessable led strip

Time:2023-05-14 Views:492
SK6813 Chip built-in led has below advantages:

1.LED inner circuilt adopt three emitting chips in series to improve light efficiency, 9mA/LED

Its brightness is equal to 27mA version WS2812B/SK6812 RGB LED which adopt three emitting chips in parallel.

2.SK6813 Protocol has strong compatibility, Kinds of SPI control system can drive it.

3.Fpwm=1.2khz, Support standard data rating 800kbps. Total 24bit, RGB Color order. Unipolar RZ code  data control.

4. The Voltage drop is less than 28% at 5meter length when all chips are full bright.

if running horse or color changing working mode, Voltage-drop is less than 12% at 5meter position.

Our new products 12V 96pixel/m SK6813 Individually addressable led tape has been released.

The datasheet link here.

Our other 12V SK6813 30/60/144pixel/m individually addressable strips spec link here.

Greeled advice SK6813 IC built-in led Timing as below table:

Name Symbol Min Typical Max Unit
0 Code High Level T0H - 0.25 - μs
0 Code Low level T0L - 1.0 - μs
1 Code High Level T1H - 0.75 - μs
1 Code Low Level T1L - 0.5 - μs
Code Period T=TL+TH 1.2 - - μs
Reset code Low level time Trst 80 200 - μs

Color are sent in the order of RGB (R7, R6----------B1, B0)