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Name£º 12V addressable led
Model£º GE8808B
Spec£º DC12V,break-point continous


The GE8808B is a 3-channel constant current LED drive with resumable data transfers and internal display patterns. There are three open-drain constant current outputs, with a build-in PWM of grayscale. The range of input power is from +9V to +15V, and voltage-endurance of LED port is +12V. There is a built-in 12bits GAMMA correction module. PWM maximum refresh frequency is 8Khz, the GE8808B use the e-RZ (extended return to zero code)as the signal transmission mode,
which can control the output current channel by channel and cascade infinitely,it provides two-signal data input as redundant control, which ensures the transmission of the signal if any single chip damages.In the displays the built-in display patterns that is suitable for those applications without a controller. There is the built-in power-on and power-off protection in the drive,which can enhance the service life of the chip. It alsohas the automatic test function while power on, working environment is from -40 ¡ã C to + 85 ¡ã C.


1.  6Pins GE8808B(Break-point continous function2. Input voltage: DC12V  3. Epistar chip

4. IC Type:GE8808B Chip built in  5.Procotol: Compatiable with GS8208 6. Package Type: SMD5050

7. One IC Control One LED  8. Package:1000PCS/REEL

9. Emitting Color: RGB  10. white mask and black mask are available

Datasheet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mHV13L2kn7uAIWmg2OFf0heovfCSoFRX/view?usp=sharing

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