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Name£º PC on-line broadcast controller
Model£º GECOSDT200K
Spec£º AC110V/220V,PC realtime broadcast
Datasheet download adress: https://app.box.com/s/qbrhxleei5egz3w8vl0x  
Make a screen operation:
Refer application solution:
Lededit2012 software download address: 
Lededit2012 software manual:
Lededit2013 software download address:

We can support some project files including CAD layout drawing and test .led file .

Model: GECOSDT200K

Working temperature £º-30¡æ¡ª85¡æ
Working voltage£ºAC110V/220V
Working power£º8W
Signal port£º3pin connect port

1.32¡ª256 Gray level£¬Support software Gamma correction.
2. Support the rules and special-shaped handle.
3. 8 ports output£¬one port can support 512-1024 pixels.
4. offline (SD card) control and on-line control can be
combined using multiple controllers, the contents of the
offline control program stored in the SD card.
5. Compatible with single line or double line chips.
6. If the controller to the lamps distance can choose
optoelectric isolated transmission and as far as several
distances of up to 200-300 M
Note£º 1.Online and Off-line(SD Card) control need to be
the first master controller insert SD card.other controller
don't need insert SD card.
controller in the PC software compatible with T-200K-B.
Max 9pcs controller multiple in offline modes
1. When The controller control less than 512 lamps the
frame rate can reach 30fps. When T-200k control more
than 512 lamps and less than 2048 lamps the frame rate
will slow down automatically.
2. The controller must use the new software LedEdit 2012 or LedEdit2013
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