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Nameú║ WS2811 chip-built-in addressable led strip
Modelú║ GE60RGB2811A
Specú║ DC5V,60leds/m,IC built-in LED

Model No.  GE60RGB2811A (non-waterproof)
                  GE60RGB2811C(IP67 waterproof)
í˝ Working Voltage: DC5V
í˝ Led QTY:  60leds/M
í˝ Led Type: SMD5050
í˝ IC Type:   WS2811 (Built-in LED)
í˝ Dimension: 5000mm*12.0mm*4mm (waterproof)
í˝ Pixel QTY: 60pixels/m ,each led addressable
í˝ PCB Color: White or Black color
í˝ Power Consumption: Max 18.0W/M
í˝ Brightness Level: 256 level
í˝ Emitting Color: RGB/W/R/G/B/other single color
í˝ Waterproof IP grade:silicon tube IP67/ non-waterproof

Video show:

online view address: http://youtu.be/f2_df3y9VhY

WS2811 led strip video download address: https://www.box.com/s/j0m3yuzsr55molz1bp2r

JST 3PIN Connector:

Red Wire---DAT
     Green Wire----5V DC   
 Black wire--- GND

LED Specification:
Dimensions: 5mm x 5mm x 1mm
Voltage: 5.0V 
Current 20ma per color, 60mA total at full brigtness
Viewing angle: 120 degres.
Luminous intensity at 5V: R=550-700mcd G=1000-1200mcd B=300-400mcd.
 Pin assignments:
 1 - Data in
 2 - VCC
 3 - Data out
 4- GND

At 5mm x 5mm x 1mm these are the world's smallest addressable pixels. They are designed to be mounted onto a SMD circuit board, but they can be hand soldered for small projects - three wires into the pixel and three out. These use the same data protocol as the WS2811 LED pixels we sell which means they take a 24 bit payload providing a color pallette of 16.7 million colors.If you look at the product images you'll see the LED itself is in a milky white encapsulant which adds to the quality and visibility of the light produced. At full brightness, these are very bright, a little too bright to comfortably stare at.

•Integration into wearable products such as clothing or jewlery.
•Furniture and architecture.
•LED display screens.


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