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Name£º Body IR sensor Bulb
Model£º GEBUE27W6W-BII
Spec£º 6W

Infrared LED Bulbs have special sensor
detecting brightness surrounded and body
temperature,it will be bright for about 60 seconds
when people come near within 5 meters on
condition that the illumination outside is under
10LX,this function closes automatically when the
illumination is over 10LX, totally not affected by
noise or surrounding factors.

Technical Data

PF£º£¾0.85                                          Infrared sensing angle£º140
Voltage£ºAC110-240V 50/60HZ      Infrared sensing distance£º5-7M
Working Temp£º-40¡æ-40¡æ              Lamp base£ºE27/E26/B22(optional£©
CRI£º£¾80                                            Material£ºAluminum alloy+PC

Model No.                   Power(W)                        Color temperature(K)                      Total Lumen(LM)
GEBUE27W5W-BII      5W                            3000-3500k, 5500k-6000k              450lm(WW),470lm(W)
GEBUE27W6W-BII      6W                            3000-3500k, 5500k-6000k              560lm(WW),580lm(W)

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