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Name£º Artnet-SPI/DMX led controller
Model£º GECO216
Spec£º Artnet-SPI, DMX

Datasheet https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aNTsLL5ELS8nBcekM7DL-zLjaVZPSa5X/view?usp=sharing

This Ethernet-SPI/DMX Pixel light controller is decicated to converting The Ethernet signal into
SPI Pixel signal, which is designed for large preject with High-density pixel light, Such as matrix
panel lights,construction's contour lamp,etc. Besides coverting Ethernet-Based control protocols into
various LED driving IC signal,it also outputs DMX512 signal at the same time,convieient for the connection
of different Type led lamp, and achieve the unified control of all kinds of led lamp in same project.

This software have 2 version V1 and V2, V1 version is with Artnet protocol, V2 version is with Artnet and
sACN E.1.31 protocol. Notice: The factory software of V1 can't be upgraded to V2 software,But factory software
of V2 can be updated to V1 version.

Working Voltage: DC5-24V
Output current: 3A*16CH (Built-in 5A fuse)
Input Ethernet control protocol: Artnet
Output control IC: W2811/WS2801/LPD8806/SK6812/SK9822/WS2812B
Control Pixels: RGB: 340pixel*16CH  RGBW: 256Pixel*16CH
Output DMX512: Two Port (2*512 Channel)
Working Temp:-20-55 degree
Product size: L258*W145*H41(mm)
Weight(G.W): 1100g


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