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Name£º DIY effects led controller
Model£º GECO5A12CH
Spec£º DC5-24V,5A/CH,DIY effects

DIY Effects led controller
Voltage: DC5-24V
Output power: 5V<300W 12V<720W 24V<1440W
Max load Current: 5A/CH (60A Total)
Output£º12 Chanel PWM signal
Product size£º165*85*26mm
Packing size£º176*96*50mm
Working Temp£º-20¡æ-60¡æ
Gross weight:350g
Static Power comsuption:0.8watt

Max store 355 scenes
Max synchronous cascade 10pcs controller, Set controller serial number with DIP switch 
Max synchronous cascade distance 50meter for any two controller
USB download function
DIY programs with our software.

Please read specification before using controller.

datasheet download address:

diy-usb software download address:

Projects  show download address:

Please connect controller and your PC with USB cable and Install USB driver before operate software.

Win 7 system USB driver download address: https://app.box.com/s/jdys8lubjpsdhj1oe38m 

Universal USB driver download address: 

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