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Name£º waterproof connector for led strip
Model£º 2 core and 4 core waterproof connector
Spec£º 2 core and 4 core waterproof connector

Refer Picture

NO.1 waterproof connecor:
Model No.: GECNWWDC-2PIN:  2 core male&female waterproof connector, milk white color

NO.2 waterproof connecor:
Model No.: GECNCWDC : DC male&female waterproof connector, clear color

NO.3 waterproof connecor:
Model No.: GECNWWDC-4PIN: 4 core male&female waterproof connector, milk white color

NO.4 waterproof connecor:
Model No.: GECNCWDC-4PIN : 4 core male&female waterproof connector, clear color

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