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Name£º UCS2904 RGBW led strip
Model£º GE60RGBW2904A-24V
Spec£º DC24V,UCS2904,60leds/m

Model No.£ºGE60RGBW2904A-24V £¨Non-waterproof£©
                    GE60RGBW2904B-24V   (IP65 waterproof)
                    GE60RGBW2904C-24V   (IP67 waterproof)
                    GE60RGBW2904D-24V   (IP68 waterproof)

1.RGBW, 4 in 1 full colour LED pixel tape.
2.DC24V Input, SMD5050,60LEDS/M, 10Pixel/m.
3. 10mm width PCB, White/Black color
4. Max 21.4Watt/m, Red 4.60W/M,Green 5.60W/M,Blue 5.60W/M,white5.60W/M
5. Emitting Color: RGB+Warm white,RGB+Natural white,RGB+Pure white
6. Flux: RGB 180Lum/m,  warm white 240lum/m, Natural white 280lum/m, Pure white 280lum/m
7. UCS2904 Chip compatiable with WS2812B/SK6812
8.256 greyscale and scan frequency not less than 1.5khz/s
9.IP21,IP65,IP67,IP68 are availble

Datasheet Download:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TXEXEmW8bHuuwK0mArb62778ToUfFNwu/view?usp=sharing

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