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Name£º led bulb kits
Model£º led bulb kits
Spec£º 2pcs bulb+1 Remote unit

1. Whole or Division Group controlled: the bulbs can operate together or separately
2. Color Temperature adjustable: can from 3000K to 6500K
3. Brightness dimmable: can from 100% to 1%
4. Longer Remote distance: using 2.4G RF control system, the distance reaches 20meters.
5. Worldwide suitable input voltage: from 86V to 265V are all OK

PS: 1kit  produts= 1pc remote control unit+2pcs bulb
For other special using, you can match bulb QTY and remote unit QTY by yourself.

Clear code vedio download address: https://www.box.com/s/62fd8c332cb47c55db10

Re-code vedio download address:https://www.box.com/s/b4e03172d320b12e5d82

How to re-code a remote control to realize 1 remote unit control more bulbs

one step: clear code

1. power off bulb that you want to re-code.

2. pls power on it after 10 seconds

3. if this bulb accept channel 1 control before. Then pls press channel 1 on 6 times (within 3 seconds)

need press very quick. Then you will find led bulb quick blink 6 times. Then led bulb' code clear off.

Two step: Re-code bulb

1. pls power off led bulb(this bulb' code have been cleared last step)

2, power on this led bulb after 10 second.

3. if you want to let channel 2 control it. Then Pls quick press channel 2 on one time.

Then the bulb will blink three times. Then re-code success.

You can repeat above steps to let 1 remote unit control 2,3,4----10----20bulbs

Application Picture:

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