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The Refresh frequency algorithm

1. A general chips,such as : WS2811 \ WS2801 which are the 256 gray levels, 
 a pixel is ( R \ G \ B ) composed of the three primary colors. R\ G\ B  each take on 256 gray levels.

2.Computer adopt two binary algorithm. 2 to the power of 8 equal 256. ( R \ G \ B ) each take on 8bits. then sending 24bits as a complete chip data in the computer.

3 Computer takes 2.5 us for sending 1 bit data. ( 1s = 1000ms = 1000000us. )

4.Calculating base on 512Pixel, Refresh frequency=1000000 / ( 512Pixel * 2.5us * 24bit  ) = 32.55 frame rate / S.The computer's frame rate is 26 per second frame rate / S. So the controller frame rate must exceed the PC frame rate to synchronize the controller's frame rate with the computer's

5 because of the erroring  when the transfer data between controller and chip ,but it is difficult to reach the theoretical value 32.55 frame rate / S, therefore the real frame rate will be about 28 frame rate / S  to 30 frame rate / S.That's why we advice customers each controller port drive 512pixel when they make screen project.
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