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About LPD1886 IC

    LPD1886 is a single-line three-channel with 4096 levels PWM programmable
constant current LED driver chip. It is a three-channel dedicated circuit for
LED driving and control,internally integrated the bandgap reference, digital
interface, PWM control and constant current driving circuit. It can achieve
multicolor emitting system of the outdoor led displays,led guardrail tubes and
led strips, via the control of peripheral circuit.

1. Output three-channel constant current driving, the constant driving current is
    17mA,Voltage output up to 12V.
2. Intergrated constant voltage circuit, workable from 5V to 24V by connecting
    electric resistance in series.
3. Single line transmission mode, the speed of DATA is changeable,
    the MAX is 16MHz.
4. Regeneration mechanism of interior wave form, the signal driving ability is
    very strong,can support more than 1700pixels'(25FPS) cascade connection,
    the distance between any two pixels can be more than 6m.
5. Double oscillating circuits are built in, support FREE-RUN mode, the renovate
    frequency is more than 400Hz. Distinctive design of timing sequence,
    convenient for the lower cost controller programmable design.
6. Each channel has independent linear PWM grayscale control circuit, 4096
    grayscales effect can be really achieved.
7. Intergrated the holistic locking and saving function, each frame data will be
    locked and saved automatically 10us later after sending out, to avoid the
    picture's inconsistent appearance.
8. The reserved driving current of the red color channel is 1.5mA more than the
    blue color channel's, it makes the colour balance effect is better.
9. Industrial level design, makes the anti-interference capability is stronger.
10. Encapsulation: DIP8 and SOP8.

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